Fertiliser Spreaders For Sale Australia

The Marshall Multispread is a fertiliser spreader that has built a strong reputation in Australian agriculture as the number one selling all-purpose fertiliser spreader with over 8,000 machines now in use. Typical applications of the Marshall fertiliser spreader include Broadacre Cropping enterprises, Livestock operations, Dairies, Vineyards, Orchards and Market gardens.

A Marshall Multispread can spread a wide range of fertilisers from granulated products such as Urea, Superphosphate and Compound Fertilisers through to Lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Manures, Sawdust and Seeds.

The Multispread fertiliser spreader range is available for sale in Australia in two different configurations, the economically priced chain/belt feed 800 Series and the premium 900 Series with its higher-spec endless feed belt. The hopper capacities of our fertiliser spreaders range from 2.5 to 16 tonne. Spinner systems feature 6mm discs with 6mm interchangeable vanes and a stainless steel fertiliser chute. Powered is supplied via tractor PTO, Hydraulics or Petrol Engine.

All of our Marshall Multispread fertiliser spreader models feature a multi-speed mechanical metering system as standard equipment. This ensures consistent fertiliser application rates independent of ground speed. Quick change multi-ratio sprockets running on a common roller chain are used to alter the metering system gear ratio making calibration a very simple task. Application rates from 15 to 8000 kg/ha can be achieved.

The Marshall Multispread can be integrated with most common brands of Variable Rate Technology (VRT) control systems providing a robust Precision Spreading solution. Loadcells, offered as optional equipment, can be used as a simple yet precise method of keeping track of the material spread in the paddock.

Tow behind spreader models feature BPW Axles with a number of Flotation and Gripster Tyres offered to suit different field conditions. A dedicated 3m track model is also available for Controlled Traffic Farming applications. The robust construction of the Marshall Multispread fertiliser spreaders are perfectly adapted to the harsh conditions experienced by Australian farmers. A two pack primer and top coat is used to protect all parts of the fertiliser spreader from corrosion caused by modern synthetic fertilisers.

Contact us to enquire about our tow behind fertiliser spreaders for sale in Australia on 1800 651 288.