Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Multispread machines and parts from?

The Multispread range of new and used machines and spare parts are available through the Multispread dealer network located across Australia. To locate your nearest dealer, see the contact page or alternatively call Roesner Pty Ltd on 1800 651 288.


How do find support information relating to my Multispread machine?

Support is provided through the Multispread dealer network or alternatively call the Roesners office on 1800 651 288. Roesner’s office hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday WST. Please quote the machine model and serial numbers when contacting Multispread support.


How do I get support outside of office hours?

The Multispread support page provides detailed technical documents and manuals and machine setup info is available via the Multispread YouTube channel. If you require further help after hours, use the email form on the contacts page. Alternatively call the office on 1800 651 288 and leave a message.


Do you offer Field Support?

Multispread Field support is provided through the Multispread dealer network.


How do I determine the age of Multispread machine?

At the front of the spreader hopper there is a green or red ID plate. The ID plate shows the model number and a serial number. The first 4 digits of the serial indicate the month and year of manufacture, the last four digits indicate the serial number.


Can I update my spinners to the latest spinner design?

Machines with the Type C spinner system can be updated to the latest Type D design. For more info on spinner upgrades download the Spinner Upgrade Information document.


How do I determine the optimum width of pass for a particular fertiliser?

Fertiliser spread pattern is dependent on the spreader setup, fertiliser properties, environmental conditions such as humidity, wind speed and direction, ground contour and crop or stubble height. It is recommended that test pass is carried out on bare ground to visually inspect the spread pattern prior to starting work. Multispread support page contains detail information on the optimum spread patterns for the Type A, B, C and D spinner configurations. Tray testing can also be carried out to check a particular spread pattern, contact Roesner Pty Ltd support for more info on carrying out a tray test to the ACCU-spread standard.


What is the maximum width the Type D spinner system can spread Urea?

In ideal conditions and with optimum fertiliser properties, a maximum spread width of 36m can be achieved with the Type D spinner system. 36m spread widths have been verified by independent spread test bodies and in practice typical spread widths of between 28-36m are observed.


What is the maximum width the Type D spinner system can spread Lime?

Depending on the bulk density and particle size of the lime, spread widths between 10 to 16m can be achieved.


How do I calibrate my spreader to achieve a certain application rate?

On a ground driven spreader the calibration is performed by using the rate charts in the Operators Manual or by using the Multispread mobile App calibration tools. The user selects the required target rate, spread width and fertiliser type, the required sprocket setting and door opening are determined by the rate chart or the Multispread mobile app.

Can I interface my spreader with a 3rd party controller for Variable Rate Applications?

It is possible to interface a new or late model Multispread machine with a John Deere Dry Rate controller or Trimble Field-IQ RSCM module. The spreader requires a hydraulic feedbelt drive, sensor kit and wiring harness to connect to the 3rd party electronics module.