Eastern Spreaders and Ramsay Bros. team up with Marshall Multispread in South Australia

Following a long and successful partnership of servicing the east coast markets of Australia, Jeff Roesner is pleased to announce that Roesner will be teaming up with Eastern Spreaders and Ramsay Bros. to service the South Australian market.

Roesner’s flagship product, the Marshall Multispread all-purpose fertiliser spreader, is well known amongst Australian farmers for its build quality, ease of use and precise operation.

“We have enjoyed a long lasting and successful partnership with Eastern Spreaders in New South Wales and Victoria and now we are extending this partnership to the South Australian market” said Managing Director, Jeff Roesner. “Eastern Spreaders will now service the Yorke Peninsula and South East SA markets. Additionally, we are pleased to be teaming up with Ramsay Bros. for the first time, who will be servicing the Eyre Peninsula region” added Jeff Roesner.

Having been in business for over 100 years, Roesner has continued to innovate to meet changing customer needs and demands, with a clear focus on customer satisfaction and manufacturing quality.

“Our commitment to improve our products is illustrated by the i4M Variable Rate Controller system” said Matthew Roesner, Technical Director at Roesner.

With the rising costs of fertilisers and the need to maximise inputs whilst balancing environment concerns, i4M controller app enables growers to accurately control fertiliser applications either manually on-the-go or via a prescription map.

The system consists of a tablet communicating with an electronics module mounted to the spreader. The electronics module controls the speed of the feedbelt hydraulic motor and the hopper door opening to set and maintain application rates. Sensors and loadcells fitted to the spreader provide accurate feedback on the machine operation.

Prescription maps are transferred to the i4M mobile app via the i4M web server. There are no subscription costs, access to the map transfer feature comes bundled with the upfront hardware cost.

“i4M provides a cost effective option for growers wishing to carry out Variable Rate with new and existing Multispread machines. The key advantages of i4M are the ability to use the controller on any brand of tractor and its ease of use” said Matthew Roesner.

The i4M Variable Rate Controller is available across the full Multispread range.