Dowerin Field Day 2017

Visit the Marshall Multispread stand at this year’s Dowerin Field Days to learn more about the latest spreader technology, designed and developed for Australian conditions by WA firm, Roesner Pty Ltd.

The Marshall Multispread range is market proven, with Multispread machines being used by broadacre cropping, livestock, horticulture and viticulture operations across Australia. Over the past five years, continual integration of technology into the Multispread product range, has enabled improvements in on farm productivity, environmental outcomes and increased crop yields.

On display at the Multispread stand will be the new 912T fitted with spinner curtain technology. The 12m wide curtain sits in front of the spinner system to help minimise the impact of wind conditions on lime and gypsum spread distribution. The curtain allows operation of the spreader in conditions typically considered too windy to spread or when spread widths have to be reduced to compensate for high wind speeds.

The 912T unit also features the new MDC Variable Rate (VR) hydraulic controller and loadcell weighing. The hydraulic VR controller consists of the Multispread App running on a tablet in the tractor cab, a machine sensor network and hydraulic controller to set and control fertiliser application rate on the run via a prescription map.

The RATEX MDC system is a cost effective and easy to use Variable Rate solution. MDC is also available on ground driven Multispreads where an electric actuator is used to control door opening to set and control application rate. The 914T on display at Dowerin features the MDC door control variant.

Current Multispread owners visiting the Dowerin display can learn more about retro-fit options of the MDC VR system and talk directly to the Multispread support team. Roesners have technical staff  regularly carrying out field tests with different fertiliser types and can help owners configure and maintain their Multispread to ensure accurate spread patterns and rate calibration.