Marshall Multispread Spreader App

Version 3.00 Available from March 25 2015






Due to the rising costs of fertilisers and the need to maximise inputs whilst balancing environmental concerns, Roesner has developed a smartphone app that delivers up-to-date machine calibration and operating information to mobile devices in the field.

Using the Marshall Multispread app, farmers can access machine calibration settings such as door openings and gear ratios for a range of fertiliser types and spread widths. Calibration information is stored on the device so the app can be used in remote areas with no network access. Custom fertiliser densities can be added to the rate table tool to enable precise calibration of compound granulated fertilisers and organic materials such as manures and mulches. The spreader app stores the custom density values for future use.

Version 3 of the app includes important new upgrades including machine monitoring, mapping, technical document download and a news feed. Using the monitoring page allows growers to not only use the fertiliser spreader app as a calibration tool, but also to track important data such as machine position and hopper contents when the spreader is in operation. When connected to a mobile network, the monitoring page shows a map of the machines position and its previous path in the paddock.

Current hopper contents is calculated from the application rate set by the user, the estimated hopper contents and forward speed from the mobile device GPS or a manually entered forward speed. Electronic versions of Operators Manuals and important technical support documents can now be downloaded and stored on the device through the new Documents feature. When technical information is updated, the latest versions are immediately available via the app.

Hopper contents for a given Multispread model and fertiliser type can be estimated using the hopper load estimator. A calculator tool is also built in to output a precise fertiliser rate based on material collected from the spreader hopper during a static calibration test. The user interface is simple to navigate with extensive help menus available to support new users of the software. Calibration settings for all current model Marshall Multispreads are stored in a database alongside a list of six common fertiliser types.

The free Marshall Multispread app is available for both iPhone and iPad through the iTunes Store and for Android devices through the Google Play Store.