Marshall Multispread Spreader App

Marshall Multispread Spreader App

Version 4.2 released July 2017

“Winner of Best Emerging Technology – Dowerin Field Days 2015”

Due to the rising costs of fertilisers and the need to maximise inputs whilst balancing environmental concerns, Roesner has developed a smartphone app that delivers up-to-date machine calibration and operating information to mobile devices in the field. When coupled with an electronics module and hardware on the spreader the app can be used to monitor and control fertiliser application rates. The app can be used in three modes : Calibration, MDC Monitoring and Control.

Calibration Mode

In calibration mode, farmers can access machine calibration settings such as door openings and gear ratios for a range of fertiliser types and spread widths. Calibration information is stored on the device so the app can be used in remote areas with no network access. Custom fertiliser densities can be added to the rate table tool to enable precise calibration of compound granulated fertilisers and organic materials such as manures and mulches. The spreader app stores the custom density values for future use.

MDC Monitoring Mode

In MDC monitoring mode, the app connects to the electronics module on the spreader to measure spinner and conveyor speed along with the amount of fertiliser in the hopper measured from loadcells mounted on the spreader chassis. Feedback from the spreader allows the operator to precisely monitor and log fertiliser application rates to minimise fertiliser wastage.

MDC Control Mode

In MDC control mode, the Multispread app can be used to control application rate by altering the spreader feed door opening using an electric actuator, or via a hydraulic motor controlling the speed of the spreader conveyor belt. Application rate can be set manually or via a prescription map loaded onto the mobile device.

In each of the three app configuration modes the device GPS can be used to log the spreaders location in the field. Data such as the application rate, spinner and belt speeds, door opening and calibration data is logged for historical reference.

Get the app

The free Marshall Multispread app is available for both iPhone and iPad through the iTunes Store and for Android devices through the Google Play Store.