About Us

Company History

Roesner Pty Ltd of Harvey, Western Australia, the manufacturers of Marshall Spreaders have been in operation for 117 years. Founded by Arthur E. Roesner in Harvey, Western Australia, the company’s original focus was blacksmithing, coachbuilding and manufacturing and repair of farm machinery.

The blacksmith trade became virtually redundant in the 1940’s and when Arthur’s son Roy took over the firm he introduced electric welding, a technique he had picked up in his time in the military during the Second World War. Besides general fabrication and repair of farm machinery Roy took on the International Harvester Agency selling tractors, ploughs and disc harrows.

In 1956 Roy was approached by Arthur Marshall to build a prototype fertiliser spreader, and by 1961 the first sales of the Marshall spreader were made to the local fertiliser company, CSML (now CSBP), as they wanted to promote the supply of bulk superphosphate fertiliser as an alternative to bagged product used at the time.

Marshall Spreader production grew quickly with sales throughout Australia and soon became the firm’s main activity. In the mid 1970’s the decision was made to specialise in the production of spreaders. Over 3000 Marshall Spreaders were manufactured.

By the 1980’s changes in farming practises lead to demand for an all purposes spreader that could spread ameliorants such as lime, gypsum, as well as manure and mulches. The Marshall Multispread was developed to meet this demand with the versatility to work in a wide range of applications, from small mixed farms to broadacre grain properties, vineyards and market gardens.

The Marshall Multispread has been Roesner Pty Ltd most successful product to date with over 10000 manufactured. Today Roesners have over 7000 square metres of shed space and use modern manufacturing methods such as Digital prototyping, Laser Cutting, CNC machining and automated paint mixing.  Roesners continue to integrate modern manufacturing methods with modern and continual design improvements to meet the requirements of today’s agricultural industry.

In the face of increased competition from overseas products and a push towards automation, in 2013 Roesners diversified into software and electronics to develop new products for the fast changing Precision Agriculture market. The first software product, the Multispread Calibration app released in 2013, has over 3000 users in Australia. In 2015 the Multispread MDC app – one of the first hardware systems for Ag machinery based on mobile technology in the World, won the Dowerin Field Day, Best New Innovation Award.

Sales of Roesner’s electronics systems grew quickly, and in 2018 the company acquired Precision Agronomics Australia (PAA), an industry leading company at the forefront of Precision Farming and Variable Rate Technology. The MDC system was merged with PAA’s Ratex system, rapidly accelerating the development of the i4M brand of machine controllers, mobile apps and web based systems.

Company Profile

Roesner Pty Ltd is a modern manufacturing company located at Harvey in South-Western Australia. A family run company, Roesner has been in operation since its humble beginnings as a Blacksmith shop in 1900.

Roesners have always kept pace with changes in technology ensuring a high standard of manufacturing and a high level of customer satisfaction. The company’s resources and knowledge are deployed for the design and manufacture of products and components for harsh agricultural applications. Built with precision, Roesner products are designed to last.

Roesner’s flagship product, the Marshall Multispread all purpose fertiliser spreader, is well known amongst Australian farmers for its build quality, ease of use and precise operation.

Mission Statement

Roesner Pty Ltd has advanced and prospered by being dedicated to the creation of long standing customer relationships. We stay true to our traditions of high levels of customer satisfaction and manufacturing quality.

In order to stay ahead of industry trends and changing customer demands Roesner remains committed to advancement through innovation. Continual product improvement and refinement is the core of our ethos.

Roesner remains committed to its distinguished brand, its heritage of building long lasting equipment for all Australian farming conditions.