Marshall Multispread

Spreading Evolution

In today’s changing Agricultural market, it is of paramount importance to gain maximum production from your on-farm inputs. Precision placement of fertilisers play a vital role in this equation. Fertiliser spreaders are key to minimising damaging environmental run-off, ensuring long term soil productivity, and reducing fuel and labour costs.

The Marshall Multispread is an agricultural machinery that is perfectly adapted to these changing conditions, providing Australian farmers with a cost effective and efficient method of spreading a variety of fertilisers and seeds including granulated fertilisers such as Urea and Superphosphate, Lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Manures, Sawdust, Sand, and seeds such as wheat, barley, lupins and clover.

The versatility, ease of use and solid construction of our multi-functional Marshall fertiliser spreaders have led them to become Australia’s number one selling spreader. With over 8,000 Marshall multispread units now in use throughout Australia, they have a range of applications, from broadacre cropping and sheep farms through to market gardens and vineyards.

Recent design improvements to the Marshall Multispread include the Type D Spinner System, a purpose built 3m track model for controlled track farming and the Marshall spreaders smart phone app for remote access to machine calibration data.

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